Pointed toe ballerinas are back: comfort dresses up with elegance

Ballerì celebrates the “dolce vita” with its pointed toe ballerinas made in Italy

Ballerì is the Italian brand of ballerinas designed for women who never stop and who look for style in every detail. All models of pointed ballerinas designed for the spring-summer 2021 collection guarantee elegance and comfort and give a touch of sophistication to every outfit, in the name of good Italian taste. Thanks to their light and refined design they bring a breath of freshness to the hot and sunny Italian days, adapting to every style of clothing that the situation requires. Spring also means joy and light-heartedness, and the desire to spend more time outside, among the new colors and sweet scents brought by the beautiful season, spurs us to want to live every moment with more intensity. The “dolce vita” is just that, living every moment to the full: an aperitif on the terrace under the stars after work, the enthusiastic twirling among the narrow streets of the coast during a vacation. It is also the search for beauty in every detail, the choice of the right pair of ballerinas shoes to wear.

Ballerì celebrates the “dolce vita” in its spring-summer ballerina collection with a triumph of colors and many different details: there really is a pointed ballerina model for every taste and occasion. The ballerina is a refined choice, capable of adapting to any type of situation: from the ceremony, to the business meeting, to the casual outing. There is really no constraint to interpretation!
From the pointed toe ballerinas with strap and elastic button of the Adele line, we move on to the hemp ballerina models of the Dafne line, whose design is characterized by a tapered toe silhouette and a fringed side bow. Also the Aida ballerinas are leather shoes of great charm that stand out not only for their tapered shape but also for the elegant side opening enriched by the presence of a tassel bow. The colors are many and always up to date: classic colors such as white or black reach the height of creativity in the combination of satin and animal patterns. With Ballerì ballerinas you can be feminine and sensual even in the most hectic moments of the day, without having to give up the guaranteed comfort of a brand that makes Made in Italy craftsmanship a fixed point around which dreams and creativity revolve.

Pointed toe ballerinas by Ballerì make sensuality and comfort a spring must-have

Often accused by men as unsexy, ballerinas are instead loved by women for their timeless and ageless style. The simplest flat shoes, elegant and versatile, boast a large number of fans, even among prominent personalities of past eras. Ballerinas are shoes that have a long history behind them: the first ancestors of the women’s ballerinas we know were produced during the French Revolution and then found their greatest rise during the 1950s, a period in which shoe models similar to those we wear today were designed. Brigitte Bardot was the first to popularize the model created by Repetto and then Audrey Hepburn, who wore Ferragamo models in the movie Roman Holiday bringing attention to this type of footwear.

The flagship of Ballerì production for spring 2021 are certainly the pointed ballerinas, in particular the Eleonora model, which has always been synonymous with comfort but also with refined elegance and contemporaneity. These leather pointed ballerinas can be defined as a real investment in a unique and refined style, thanks also to the various color options that make Eleonora a truly versatile ballerina.

ÈIt is precisely that touch of seductive design that Ballerì is able to give to its creations that makes its pointed ballerina model the perfect accessory for any occasion. We live in a time when comfort is the order of the day, but a pair of pointed ballerina can make special both more practical outfits and more sophisticated combinations. Ballerì collections are distinguished by those delicate details that make each ballerina shoe sensual and refined: the heel is slightly higher than the usual model of ballerina, and the neckline of the shoe definitely elegant.

Ballerì pointed toe ballerinas are shoes that adapt to any situation, they can be worn during the day but also in the evening, for special occasions and to give your outfit a touch of unexpected sensuality. Although the toe is tapered to give this type of model its particular shape, all Ballerì pointed ballerinas boast a comfortable and soft design, able to wrap the foot gently without squeezing or constricting the toes. Moreover, the insole of each ballerina is lightly padded to ensure maximum comfort. The materials chosen by Ballerì are of the highest quality and contribute to making each shoe comfortable and convenient, as well as providing a wide range of choice in terms of colors. Nappa leather and suede illuminate the collections with natural shades and elegant earth tones, while for those who prefer brighter and more vivid colors, the coloured shades represent decidedly inviting alternatives. The lining of the ballerinas designed by Ballerì is made of 100% cotton and is light and breathable, suitable for even and then there are the soles, a guarantee of excellence as they are produced with Italian leather, the sole that is non-slip, and the rubber toe cap inserted in the design of the shoe just to protect the tip of the ballerina.

2021 is the year of redemption for ballerinas! There will really be a wide choice, able to satisfy all tastes: whether classic or revisited, there is no limit in terms of “coolness”. Pointed toe ballerinas, in particular, already occupy a place among the winners and Ballerì has decided to bet everything on this timeless and decidedly “stylish” model in all its forms.