Slipper A Punta Alma - Rafia - Naturale

Lemon Soul Collection

Our most representative collection, our trademark! Silk embroidered Lemon patterns to remind the Mediterranean Sea and the colors of our Coast: blue, navy, red striped fantasies. We used Cotton and Gros-Grain for the uppers, palettes where we embroidered our Lemons. This collection is a tribute to our mother land, the one that gave us birth, watched us growing, the land that all the world is jealous of. The embroidered Lemons represent a journey trough our lands, they remind the unique freshness and colors of the Mediterranean sea, an experience that gathers together senses and memories. Even if you are on the other side of the world, you can wear our ballerinas and remember about Sorrento and the costiera, the smell of our lemon gardens and the sun who grows them.


Syrentum Collection

Carla and Eleonora, pointed and rounded toe ballerinas. Our permanent collection of flats takes name and inspiration from two icons of the Italian Ballet in the world: Carla Fracci and Eleonora Abbagnato. Leather and chamois are the absolute stars of this collection, available in a rainbow of colors, ideal to wear every day. We selected only first Italian quality materials for our shoes, in order to fit comfortable like a glove but with a unique design and elegance.


Anniversary Collection

This year to celebrate our 4th anniversary we created a exclusive slippers capsule collection that’s quintessentially ‘Ballerì’ with must-have new style. Elegant and sophisticated, Maia slippers are proof that ballerinas can be surprising and extremely comfortable. With luxurious details and exquisite new materials, the capsule collection captures the pillars of the brand: timeless sophistication with a contemporary touch.


collezione canapa

Canapa Collection

We designed these handmade slippers in natural canvas thinking about Summer, and elegance! Available in two colors: milk, the color canvas is naturally made, and black. Our hand finished Canvas ballerinas have a cross strap behind the ankle that makes them comfy and unique in their design.